Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q.         What age group are the classes aimed at?

A.         Depending on the individuals ability to concentrate, ages 5+ up to adult..

Q.         What do I need to start?

A.         A t-shirt a pair of shorts/loose bottoms and a bottle of water.

Q.         What does a typical TKD session involve?

A.         Sessions are split into two parts with a mixture of traditional and Olympic Taekwondo training; the traditional side developing self defence techniques and the Olympic side which involves aerobic interval-based training which improves fitness strength co-ordination and flexibility.

Q.         What are the benefits of TKD training?

A.         improved fitness strength and flexibility, improved concentration and focusimproved discipline, improved confidence and self-esteem, the opportunity to compete in regional, national and international events

Q.         What type of events are there?

A.         Gradings - enable students to progress through the ranks are held every 3 months Competitions - these are held throughout the year and range from inter-club level all the way through to international level both in forms and sparring.

Q.         Does the club supply equipment?

A.         Equipment can be purchased from the school. All equipment supplied is WTF approved.


Useful Links

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Tenants of Taekwondo

Etiquette                    -           good manners and respect
Modesty                     -           having feet on the ground
Perseverance              -           to keep going when the going gets tough
Self Control                 -           over one's self and actions
Indomitable spirit         -           strong unshakable spirit 

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